Commit eba8ff94 authored by Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz's avatar Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
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ide: remove stale version number

On Thursday 03 January 2008, Robert Hancock wrote:


> How about getting rid of this stupid thing in drivers/ide/ide.c:
> #define       REVISION        "Revision: 7.00alpha2"
> which is used in:
> printk(KERN_INFO "Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver " REVISION "\n");
> It's been 7.00alpha2 for god knows how long, so clearly this version 
> number is not useful..

Cc: Robert Hancock <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
parent cfa2771b
......@@ -44,8 +44,6 @@
* inspiration from lots of linux users, esp.
#define REVISION "Revision: 7.00alpha2"
#define _IDE_C /* Tell ide.h it's really us */
#include <linux/module.h>
......@@ -1618,7 +1616,7 @@ static int __init ide_init(void)
int ret;
printk(KERN_INFO "Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver " REVISION "\n");
printk(KERN_INFO "Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver\n");
system_bus_speed = ide_system_bus_speed();
printk(KERN_INFO "ide: Assuming %dMHz system bus speed "
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