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    Merge git://git.samba.org/sfrench/cifs-2.6 · 7908b3ef
    Linus Torvalds authored
    * git://git.samba.org/sfrench/cifs-2.6:
      CIFS: Rename *UCS* functions to *UTF16*
      [CIFS] ACL and FSCACHE support no longer EXPERIMENTAL
      [CIFS] Fix build break with multiuser patch when LANMAN disabled
      cifs: warn about impending deprecation of legacy MultiuserMount code
      cifs: fetch credentials out of keyring for non-krb5 auth multiuser mounts
      cifs: sanitize username handling
      keys: add a "logon" key type
      cifs: lower default wsize when unix extensions are not used
      cifs: better instrumentation for coalesce_t2
      cifs: integer overflow in parse_dacl()
      cifs: Fix sparse warning when calling cifs_strtoUCS
      CIFS: Add descriptions to the brlock cache functions
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