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    Merge commit 'origin/master' into for-linus/xen/master · 38f4b8c0
    Jeremy Fitzhardinge authored
    * commit 'origin/master': (4825 commits)
      Fix build errors due to CONFIG_BRANCH_TRACER=y
      parport: Use the PCI IRQ if offered
      tty: jsm cleanups
      Adjust path to gpio headers
      KGDB_SERIAL_CONSOLE check for module
      Change KCONFIG name
      tty: Blackin CTS/RTS
      Change hardware flow control from poll to interrupt driven
      Add support for the MAX3100 SPI UART.
      lanana: assign a device name and numbering for MAX3100
      serqt: initial clean up pass for tty side
      tty: Use the generic RS485 ioctl on CRIS
      tty: Correct inline types for tty_driver_kref_get()
      splice: fix deadlock in splicing to file
      nilfs2: support nanosecond timestamp
      nilfs2: introduce secondary super block
      nilfs2: simplify handling of active state of segments
      nilfs2: mark minor flag for checkpoint created by internal operation
      nilfs2: clean up sketch file
      nilfs2: super block operations fix endian bug
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