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    Merge branch 'kconfig-diet' from Dave Hansen · e61aca51
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Merge Kconfig menu diet patches from Dave Hansen:
     "I think the "Kernel Hacking" menu has gotten a bit out of hand.  It is
      over 120 lines long on my system with everything enabled and options
      are scattered around it haphazardly.
      Let's try to introduce some sanity.  This set takes that 120 lines
      down to 55 and makes it vastly easier to find some things.  It's a
      This set stands on its own, but there is plenty of room for follow-up
      patches.  The arch-specific debug options still end up getting stuck
      in the top-level "kernel hacking" menu.  OPTIMIZE_INLINING, for
      instance, could obviously go in to the "compiler options" menu, but
      the fact that it is defined in arch/ in a separate Kconfig file keeps
      it on its own for the moment.
      The Signed-off-by's in here look funky.  I changed employers while
      working on this set, so I have signoffs from both email addresses"
    * emailed patches from Dave Hansen <dave@sr71.net>:
      hang and lockup detection menu
      kconfig: consolidate printk options
      group locking debugging options
      consolidate compilation option configs
      consolidate runtime testing configs
      order memory debugging Kconfig options
      consolidate per-arch stack overflow debugging options
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