Commit 186b5370 authored by Mihai Moldovan's avatar Mihai Moldovan Committed by OGAWA Hirofumi

fat: fix utf8 iocharset warning message

The fat_msg function already formats the given message and appends
a newline to it - we don't need to do this in the passed message
string as well, or will end up with a blank line printed in the
kernel log ring buffer.

Also change the loglevel from error to warning.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMihai Moldovan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarOGAWA Hirofumi <>
parent 8c320c07
......@@ -1186,9 +1186,9 @@ static int parse_options(struct super_block *sb, char *options, int is_vfat,
/* UTF-8 doesn't provide FAT semantics */
if (!strcmp(opts->iocharset, "utf8")) {
fat_msg(sb, KERN_ERR, "utf8 is not a recommended IO charset"
fat_msg(sb, KERN_WARNING, "utf8 is not a recommended IO charset"
" for FAT filesystems, filesystem will be "
"case sensitive!\n");
"case sensitive!");
/* If user doesn't specify allow_utime, it's initialized from dmask. */
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