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If you want to use SELinux, chances are you will want
to use the distro-provided policies, or install the
latest reference policy release from
However, if you want to install a dummy policy for
testing, you can do using 'mdp' provided under
testing, you can do using ``mdp`` provided under
scripts/selinux. Note that this requires the selinux
userspace to be installed - in particular you will
need checkpolicy to compile a kernel, and setfiles and
fixfiles to label the filesystem.
1. Compile the kernel with selinux enabled.
2. Type 'make' to compile mdp.
2. Type ``make`` to compile ``mdp``.
3. Make sure that you are not running with
SELinux enabled and a real policy. If
you are, reboot with selinux disabled
before continuing.
4. Run
4. Run
cd scripts/selinux
Step 4 will create a new dummy policy valid for your
kernel, with a single selinux user, role, and type.
It will compile the policy, will set your SELINUXTYPE to
dummy in /etc/selinux/config, install the compiled policy
as 'dummy', and relabel your filesystem.
It will compile the policy, will set your ``SELINUXTYPE`` to
``dummy`` in ``/etc/selinux/config``, install the compiled policy
as ``dummy``, and relabel your filesystem.
......@@ -29,3 +29,8 @@ will always include the capability module. The list reflects the
order in which checks are made. The capability module will always
be first, followed by any "minor" modules (e.g. Yama) and then
the one "major" module (e.g. SELinux) if there is one configured.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 1
- this file.
- how to get started with the SELinux security enhancement.
- documentation on the Smack Linux Security Module.
......@@ -11551,6 +11551,7 @@ S: Supported
F: include/linux/selinux*
F: security/selinux/
F: scripts/selinux/
F: Documentation/admin-guide/LSM/SELinux.rst
M: John Johansen <>
Please see Documentation/security/SELinux.txt for information on
Please see Documentation/admin-guide/LSM/SELinux.rst for information on
installing a dummy SELinux policy.
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