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    Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next · cb62ab71
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    Pull networking changes from David Miller:
     1) Get rid of the error prone NLA_PUT*() macros that used an embedded
     2) Kill off the token-ring and MCA networking drivers, from Paul
     3) Reduce high-order allocations made by datagram AF_UNIX sockets, from
        Eric Dumazet.
     4) Add PTP hardware clock support to IGB and IXGBE, from Richard
        Cochran and Jacob Keller.
     5) Allow users to query timestamping capabilities of a card via
        ethtool, from Richard Cochran.
     6) Add loadbalance mode to the teaming driver, from Jiri Pirko.  Part
        of this is that we can now have BPF filters not attached to sockets,
        and the loadbalancing function is calculated using one.
     7) Francois Romieu went through the network drivers removing gratuitous
        uses of netdev->base_addr, perhaps some day we can remove it
        completely but it's used for ISA probing still.
     8) Add a BPF JIT for sparc.  I know, who cares, right? :-)
     9) Move networking sysctl registry away from using the compatability
        mode interfaces in the sysctl code.  From Eric W Biederman.
    10) Pavel Emelyanov added a way to save and restore TCP socket state via
        TCP_REPAIR, TCP_REPAIR_QUEUE, and TCP_QUEUE_SEQ socket options as
        well as a way to forcefully bind a socket to a port via the
        sk->sk_reuse value SK_FORCE_REUSE.  There is also a
        TCP_REPAIR_OPTIONS which allows to reinstante the TCP options
        enabled on the connection.
    11) Several enhancements from Eric Dumazet that, in particular, can
        enhance splice performance on TCP sockets significantly.
         a) Reset the offset of the per-socket sendmsg page when we know
            we're the only use of the page in linear_to_page().
         b) Add facilities such that skb->data can be backed a page rather
            than SLAB kmalloc'd memory.  In particular devices which were
            receiving into linear RX buffers can now end up providing paged
        The big result is that code like splice and GRO do not have to copy
        any more.
    12) Allow a pure sender to more gracefully handle ACK backlogs in TCP.
        What can happen at high rates is that the sender hasn't grown his
        receive buffer limits at all (he's not receiving data so really
        doesn't need to), but the non-data ACKs consume receive buffer
        sk_add_backlog() is too aggressive in dropping frames in this case,
        so relax it's requirements by using the receive buffer plus the send
        buffer limit as the backlog limit instead of just the former.
        Also from Eric Dumazet.
    13) Add ipv6 support to L2TP, from Benjamin LaHaise, James Chapman, and
        Chris Elston.
    14) Implement TCP early retransmit (RFC 5827), from Yuchung Cheng.
        Basically, we can start fast retransmit before hiting the dupack
        threshold under certain conditions.
    15) New CODEL active queue management packet scheduler, from Eric
        Dumazet based upon initial work by Dave Taht.
        Basically, the big feature is that packets are dropped (or ECN bits
        are set) based upon how long packets live in the queue, rather than
        the queue length (which is what RED uses).
    * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next: (1341 commits)
      drivers/net/stmmac: seq_file fix memory leak
      ipv6/exthdrs: strict Pad1 and PadN check
      USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3520-Z
      USB: qmi_wwan: Add ZTE (Vodafone) K3765-Z
      USB: qmi_wwan: Make forced int 4 whitelist generic
      net/ipv4: replace simple_strtoul with kstrtoul
      net/ipv4/ipconfig: neaten __setup placement
      net: qmi_wwan: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
      net: cdc_ether: Add ZTE WWAN matches before generic Ethernet
      ipv6: use skb coalescing in reassembly
      ipv4: use skb coalescing in defragmentation
      net: introduce skb_try_coalesce()
      net:ipv6:fixed space issues relating to operators.
      net:ipv6:fixed a trailing white space issue.
      ipv6: disable GSO on sockets hitting dst_allfrag
      tg3: use netdev_alloc_frag() API
      net: napi_frags_skb() is static
      ppp: avoid false drop_monitor false positives
      ipv6: bool/const conversions phase2
      ipx: Remove spurious NULL checking in ipx_ioctl().
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