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Document changes and release 0.7.1

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phoc (0.7.1) byzantium; urgency=medium
* cursor: g_assert on NULL cursor.
Don't try to go on without a cursor (which can only happen when calloc
fails). wlroots also only returns NULL in case of memory problems. This
allows to remove the NULL checks elsewhere
* tests/phosh: Use GrabStatus.
The current accelerator tests try to encode two boolean values
into two variables making it a bit hard to read. Use a single
enum instead.
* tests/phosh: Make tested keybindins more obvious.
Currently one needs to look up what's tested in an array but each most
of the keys are only used a single time. So drop that array and use a
define for the single key that is used multiple times so it's clear we
just add an accelerator.
* tests/phosh: Set and check both test vars.
Always set and check both keybinding results. This tests that
we don't invoke the wrong callback accidentally.
* phosh: Don't crash when we failed to parse the accelerator.
Passing an invalid keybinding otherwise doesn't end well.
* phosh: Allow to bind misc keys.
Until we allow to bind all keys let's allow for these as well since
this block includes e.g. PrintScreen for screenshots.
-- Guido Günther <> Sun, 13 Jun 2021 13:05:17 +0200
phoc (0.7.0) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
project('phoc', 'c',
version: '0.7.0',
version: '0.7.1',
license: 'GPLv3+',
meson_version: '>= 0.47.0',
default_options: [
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