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phosh (0.10.0) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
* osd-window: Drop padding around levelbar.
This avoids a thin black border noticeable on light backgrounds
* wwan-iface: Add 'enabled' property.
This indicates if the modem is enabled.
* wwan-mm: Complete PhoshMMModemState.
This matches MMModemState
* wwan-mm: Handle 'enabled' property
* wwan-ofono: Handle enabled property.
We always return TRUE here to not break existing users.
* wwaninfo: Correctly indicate disabled state.
So far we used the signal-strength 0 icon which is confusing.
* Add geoclue DBus interface files.
This were taken from gnome-shell as of
* Add geoclue location manager.
This honors the 'org.gnome.system.location enabled' GSetting for global
access to location services.
To work it needs an entry for phosh in /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf.
(Closes: #153)
* Add "location service in use" indicator.
This indicates that the location sevice is in use via the status bar.
(Closes: #527)
* location-manager: Reject all per app auth requests.
Reject auth by default for the per-app case until we implemented per app
location permissions (#524).
It currently doesn't hurt us badly since the current test in geoclue
whether there should be an auth request is based on
gclue_client_info_get_xdg_id() returning !NULL. Due to /proc/%u/cgroup
not containining '1:name=systemd:' this isn't the case and hence apps
are authorized by geoclue by default.
* polkit-auth-prompt: Make buttons use the whole width
* polkit-auth-prompt: Move auth button creation into ui file.
This makes it simpler to maintain with the reset of the code
* polkit-auth-prpmopt: Move info label next to icon.
This makes it more consistent with the other dialogs.
* polkit-auth-agent: Make buttons a bit larger.
This makes them easier to use on mobile. We add a style class
so we can reuse that in other modal dialogs.
* style.css: Move spacing to content area.
This allows buttons to go to the very bottom of the dialog box.
* system-modal: Document the style classes
* system-prompt: Use system-modal style classes
* network-auth-prompt: Use system-modal style classes
* system-modal: Use ultrabold font for title.
Introduce a style class for that. The other dialogs
need more work since they don't use a generic title yet.
See #201
* top-panel: Add some spacing between the entries.
Helps #331
* polkit-auth-prompt: Remove the button border.
This gets this dialog in line with the buttons of other modal dialogs.
* system-modal: Adjust button layout to designs
* system-modal: Adjust dialog color to designs (Closes: #201)
* system-prompt: Adjust to designs.
Drop the icon and center message texts
* network-auth-prompt: Adjust to designs.
Drop the icon and center message texts
* system-prompt: Add missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS
* app-auth-prompt: Used to authorize app permissions
* location-manager: Use app-auth-manager to ask for geoclue permissions
(Closes: #524, #532)
* dir-locals: Don't use tabs in ui files
* test: Move get_monitor() to testlib.
Useful for other layer-surface tests as well
* Add system-modal-dialog class.
This can serve as base for sytem modal dialogs
* polkit-auth-prompt: Use PhoshSystemModalDialog
* polkit-auth-prompt: Use SystemModalDialog's `dialog-canceled` signal
* polkit-auth-prompt: Adjust to designs.
Center text and icons. We need to use a label instead of
putting the placeholder text into the password entry since
GTK3 only allows for a placeholder text when the entry does
not have the focus.
* system-modal-dialog: Allow to swipe away.
Allow to cancel dialogs by swiping them away
* system-modal-dialog: Limit width to 400px.
Add a clamp so the dialog keeps a sane width to height ratio.
* app-auth-prompt: Use system-modal-dialog (Closes: #536)
* system-prompt: Switch to system-modal-dialog.
Less code and more consistency.
* network-auth-prompt: Switch to system-modal-dialog.
Less code and more consistency.
* network-auth-dialog: Remove unused system-prompt-grid.
Takes up vertical space but isn't used.
* style.css: Remove now unused styling.
All dialogs use PhoshSystemModalDialog now
* batteryinfo: Don't leak string
* head: Don't reassign product.
Use model as intended
* system-modal-dialog: Tweak system-modal-dialog CSS
- Use slightly darker background
- Use 2px separator between buttons
- Use 2px separator to dialog content
See: #537
* dir-locals: Use 2 spaces for css indent
* gnome-shell-manager: Properly name variable.
Looks like a c'n'p from PhoshNotifyManager
* docs: Add PhoshSystemModalDialog
* app-list-model: Prefix timer with [phosh]
This makes it consistent with other timers
* dbus: Add org.gnome.SessionManager.EndSessionDialog protocol.
This will be needed for the 'end session' dialog
* panel: Drop workarounds
* tools: Add script to check end-session-dialog
* Add PhoshEndSessionDialog.
This dialog will be invoked by PhoshSessionManager to present
logout/reboot/restart requests.
* session: Export end-session-dialog.
Export the end-session-dialog DBus API used by gnome-session. Upon
invocation it will spawn PhoshEndSessionDialog. (Closes: #54, #520)
* home: Don't reuse bindings
g_settings_get_strv() is transfer-full so reusing it before freeing
it beforehand leaks the data.
* background: Don't leak slideshow.
We need to unref it before reassigning a new one.
* gnome-shell-manager: Don't leak GVariantIter
[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]
* shell: Use G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS for all properties
* phosh_shell_get_state: Use enum value instead of magic constant
* phosh_shell_get_state: Use `Removing from` instead of `Removing to` in
debug message
* shell: make `shell_state` a property.
This allows to bind the new GnomeShellManager:action_mode property.
For that we move the initial call to `phosh_gnome_shell_manager_get_default`
to `PhoshShell`'s `setup_idle_cb()` (which is nicer anyway since we do
less work on startup).
Closes #513
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
* style.css: Disable PhoshActivity's button transitions.
Adwaita sets `transition: all 200ms $ease-out-quad;` for all
GtkButtons. In our case, the transitions being animated are
not visible at all, but they still cause redraws, which can
be rather heavy when window thumbnails are involved.
[ Andy Holmes ]
* screen-saver-manager: fix type name in idle callback.
Type name was PhoshTorchManager instead of PhoshScreenSaverManager
[ Jan Jasper de Kroon ]
* po: Update dutch translation
[ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
* po: Update Turkish translation
[ Jaroslav Svoboda ]
* po: Update Czech translation
[ Balázs Meskó ]
* po:Update Hungarian translation
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
-- Guido Günther <> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 16:02:47 +0200
phosh (0.9.0) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
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