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## Running ## Running
When running from the source tree start *rootston*. Then start *phosh* ### Running from the source tree
using: When running from the source tree start the compositor *rootston*. Then start
*phosh* using:
_build/run _build/run
or in one command:` or in one command:
../wlroots/_build/rootston/rootston -E _build/run -C ./rootston.ini ../wlroots/_build/rootston/rootston -E _build/run -C ./rootston.ini
This will make sure the gsettings schema is found, there's enough of a GNOME This will make sure the needed gsettings schema is found.
session running an the some of the mutter DBus API is stubbed so
gnome-settings-manager can work. ### Running from the Debian packages
If installed via the Debian packages you can also run phosh via gnome-session.
It ships a file in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions so you can bring up a
session using
gnome-session --disable-acceleration-check --session=phosh
This assumes you have the compositor already running. If you want to start
phosh at system boot there's a systemd unit file in */lib/systemd/system/phosh*
which is disabled by default:
systemctl enable phosh
systemctl start phosh
This runs *phosh* as user *purism* (which needs to exist). If you don't have a
user *purism* and don't want to create on you can make systemd run *phosh* as
any user by using an override file:
$ cat /etc/systemd/system/phosh.service.d/override.conf
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