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Document changes and release 0.4.5

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phosh (0.4.5) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Anders Jonsson ]
* po: Update Swedish translation
[ Guido Günther ]
* phosh.desktop: Add 'DesktopNames'
Handle it where it's supposed to be handled.
* shell: Drop env setup.
The session manager is supposed to handle this.
* d/phosh.service: Set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP.
Do it here until we run a display manager.
* gitlab-ci: Use libhandy1 for alpine builds.
This fixes the CI builds
* po: Rename pt_PT.po to pt.po.
This allows to fall back for other Portugese translations.
* feedback-manager: Drop TODO.
We use the correct icons since some time
* keyboard-events: Move comment to signal description.
The comment confused gtk-doc since it stared with /** and the signal has
a clearer gtk-doc string already.
* feedback-manager: Fix gtk-doc strings
* home: Fix gtk-doc strings
* home: Properly document enum values.
This allows gtk-doc to pick it up.
* monitor: Make declaration match definition.
We call the object we act on self.
* layersurface: Fix gtk-doc strings.
Document the function parameters
* phosh-wwan-iface: Document interface.
This makes gtk-doc happy.
* phosh-wwan-mm: Mention ModemManager.
Now that we have two implementations mention MM here.
* docs: Add some missing client protocols.
This brings down the number of warnings significantly.
* quick-setting: Fix class names.
Several lacked the Phosh prefix and hence did not turn into links.
* connectivity-info: Fix class name
* bt-info: Fix property separator.
It's ':' for props not '::'.
* shell: Make definition match declaration.
Fixes several gtk-doc warnings
* wwaninfo: Fix class name.
Fixes another gtk-doc warning.
* shell: Add missing parameter docs
* layser-surface: Document configured signal
and fix typos related to that.
* thumbnail: Add class doc.
Avoids another gtk-doc warning.
* panel: Properly document enum.
Use gtk-doc strings to avoid warning and make them show up in
the documentation.
* tools: Add a tool to check for gtk-doc warnings.
This ignores warnings from the generated DBus and wayland
protocols for the moment but reduces the noise so we avoid
errors in new code.
* system-prompter: Unlink PhoshSystemPromtper.
It's not a class, so we can't link to it.
* session: Unlink PhoshSession.
It's not a class, so we can't link to it. Update the doc
string while at it.
* polkit-auth-prompt: Unlink PolkitAgentSession.
Polkitsdocumentation does not end up in /u/s/gtk-doc
on Debian so the reference can't be resolved.
* layersuface: Add missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS
* network-auth-prompt: Add missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS
* docs: Drop gi ref.
We don't use it.
* d/control: Add doc packages.
Needed to get the cross references right
* doc-check: Ignore linke to NMClient|NMConnection.
They can' be properly linked to even with the docs installed
due to their odd type.
* monitor: Document PhoshMonitorConnectorType
* notification: Document PhoshNotificationUrgency
* notification: Document PhoshNotificationReason
* shell-network-agent: Stub enum doc.
Use a minimal change since this file is in contrib/.
* gitlab-ci: Run documentation check.
This avoids regression on the generated documentation. We
ignore errors from generated files.
* Rename session presence dbus interface class to PhoshSessionPresenceDBusPresence.
We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
use the later.
* Rename sensor-proxy dbus interface class to PhoshDBusSensorProxyProxy.
We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
use the later.
* Rename rfkill dbus interface class to PhoshRfkillDBus.
We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
use the later.
* docs: Sort in keyboard-events alphabetically
* monitor-manager: Add missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS
* monitor-manager: Use g_autoptr.
Eases upcoming additions
* monitor: Add missing G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS
* monitor: Make debugging more useful
* shell: Don't allow to set rotation property.
It's marked as read-only
* monitor-manager: Add sections.
This makes it easier to figure out where to add new
private methods.
* Wire up zwlr_output_management_v1.
This does the minimum to maintain a list of heads. A
head represents a display device that might or might
not be part of the current compositor space.
* monitor: Add monitor transforms.
This allows us to not leak the wayland transforms to classes
outside PhoshMonitor and PhoshMonitorManager.
* phosh-head: Add pending state.
This will allow monitor-manager to prepare pending configuration
* PhoshMonitorManager: Allow to apply state changes.
This adds the methods to change and apply new
configuration state.
* Switch from primary monitor rotation to transform.
Use the output transform in instead of a degree value.
This will allow us to handle flipped configuraitons correctly.
* shell: Use wlr-output-management instead of phosh private protocol.
This gives us better control which output to rotate and does
away with one more private protocol.
* monitor-manager: Get modes from head instead of monitor
wlr-output-management has all the modes listed while wlroots only
gives us the current mode via xdg_output.
* monitor-manager: Don't apply non persistent config changes.
This makes sure we don't switch the primary display right away
but rather on 'apply'.
* quick-settings: Don't leak panel in error path
* quick-settings: Keep DBus proxy around long enough
g_dbus_proxy_call does not take a ref so we were just lucky
that proxy was still valid in `call_dbus_cb` so far.
* Move helpers to tools/
There's no clear distinction between them.
* gresources: Sort icons alphabetically
* bt-manager: Fix typo
* settings: Fix indentation error
* settings: Fix misaligned function definitions
* settings: Sort type_ensures and template bindings alphabetically
* settings: Don't let settings_constructed grow out of bounds.
Use separate `setup_` functions for individual widgets. This
helps shuffling stuff around later on and we can drop
* dbus: Add (not yet merged) UPower Torch interface
* Add initial torch support.
Add a simple torch quick setting.
* shell: Fix typo
* shell: Update primary monitor when it goes away (Closes: #382)
* lockscreen-manager: Drop PhoshLockscreenManagerPrivate.
It's a finaly type so no need for priv (and it's very unlikely
we'll ever derive here)
* lockscreen-manager: Fix up indentation.
Since we created enough churn in the previous commit let's
fix the indentation too.
* tests: Drop unused test.
It's neither built nor run
* tests: Don't include bad-props.h when unused
* tests: Rework tests using g_test_expect_message.
This no longer works with structured logging so use
g_test_trap_assert_stderr() as recomended by glib docs.
* Use structured logging.
This will pick a suitable log writer automatically and
pass on structed information when e.g. logging to the journal.
* Add a custom log handler.
This is to a large extend what glib does but we don't read the levels
from the environment but allow to set them when setting the handler.
Resetting the handler instead of just adjusting the domains has the
advantage that we can pass in new user_data. Otherwise we'd have to keep
the current log domains around and protect them by an additional mutex
to not corrupt the log domains of handlers running in other threads.
When setting the handler glib handles that for us since handler
replacement is already mutex protected.
* main: Toggle debug messages on SIGUSR1.
We need to use a custom log handler to stay clear
of modifying the env var.
* d/gbp.conf: Automatically bump version.
No more manual editing.
[ Juliano de Souza Camargo ]
* po: Update Portuguese translation
[ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
* po: Update Turkish translation
[ Julian Sparber ]
* docs: add info about the env GTK_INSPECTOR_DISPLAY
[ Tobias Bernard ]
* Add torch icons
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
-- Guido Günther <> Sun, 11 Oct 2020 13:50:48 +0200
phosh (0.4.4) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
project('phosh', 'c',
version: '0.4.4',
version: '0.4.5',
license: 'GPLv3+',
meson_version: '>= 0.49.0',
default_options: [ 'warning_level=1', 'buildtype=debugoptimized', 'c_std=gnu11' ],
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