Commit b8e666b3 authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther Committed by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
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settings: Enforce four quick settings per row

We allowed to go down to three which makes things look bad when quick
settings information gets too wide (e.g. wifi SSID).
Signed-off-by: Guido Gunther's avatarGuido Günther <>
parent 15a536ac
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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
<property name="visible">True</property>
<property name="can_focus">False</property>
<property name="column_spacing">6</property>
<property name="min_children_per_line">3</property>
<property name="min_children_per_line">4</property>
<property name="max_children_per_line">4</property>
<property name="selection_mode">none</property>
<property name="homogeneous">True</property>
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