Commit 80ee8a3f authored by Guido Gunther's avatar Guido Gunther

Require version 2 of phosh's private interface

TODO: add the protocol to this commit
parent f25ae65c
......@@ -23,29 +23,29 @@
<!-- window switch handling -->
<interface name="phosh_private_app_switcher" version="1">
<!-- application switch handling -->
<!-- TODO: apps with multiple windows -->
<interface name="phosh_private_app_switcher" version="2">
<enum name="error">
<entry name="invalid_argument" value="0"
summary="an invalid argument was provided in a request"/>
<request name="list_apps" since="1">
<description summary="Get current views"/>
<request name="list_apps" since="2">
<description summary="Get currently running applications"/>
<request name="raise_app" since="1">
<description summary="raise the give view"/>
<request name="raise_app" since="2">
<description summary="raise the surface of the given application to the top"/>
<arg name="app_id" type="string" summary="The app_id of the view"/>
<event name="app" since="1">
<description summary="advertise available app"/>
<arg name="app_id" type="string" summary="the app_id of a view"/>
<event name="app" since="2">
<description summary="report a running application"/>
<arg name="app_id" type="string" summary="the app_id of the application"/>
<event name="list_apps_done" since="1">
<event name="list_apps_done" since="2">
<description summary="all apps were sent"/>
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ registry_handle_global (void *data,
} else if (!strcmp (interface, {
priv->layer_shell = wl_registry_bind (
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