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Document changes and release 0.12.0-1pureos0

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wlroots (0.12.0-1pureos0) byzantium; urgency=medium
* [1891a0b] Drop 0003-Revert-Bump-meson-version-to-0.51.2.patch.
We have newer meson
* [eb65d87] Drop wlr-output-power-management patches.
These are part of 0.12.0
* [939cdfe] Drop text_input_v3 patches.
Tehse are part of 0.12.0
* [de16432] Drop output-management patches.
These are part of 0.12.0
* [e64e6d1] Drop modifier fallback.
Not needed with newer kernels
* [091e4c9] Drop compile fix for newer gcc.
These are part of 0.12.0
* [e4c164b] Drop wlr_input_device_get_virtual_keyboard patch.
These are part of 0.12.0
* [2262d79] Drop modesetting patch.
Should't be needed but we'll find out soon
* [7d5f96a] d/control: Use newer meson.
Make it match what's in
* [252131d] Add back examples.
No need to miss out due to outdated meson.
* [55c781e] d/gbp.conf: Switch to byzantium
* [d167526] librem5-ci: Switch to byzantium
-- Guido Günther <> Wed, 27 Jan 2021 14:23:45 +0100
wlroots (0.12.0-1) experimental; urgency=medium
* Upload to experimental
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