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Add a note of the status of this repository.

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......@@ -16,6 +16,31 @@ Please note that mmsd alone will not get MMS working! It is designed to work
with a higher level chat application to facilitate fetching and
sending MMS. It interfaces with other applications via the dbus.
A note about this repository
This repository is a fork of
and includes updates found here:
Commit f4b8b32477a411180be1823fdc460b4f7e1e3c9c from the master branch
is synced with the latest updates from upstream.
This fork includes a plugin to support Modem Manager in addition to ofono,
patches to improve the core of mmsd, and packaging for Debian. This author
has only tested this fork with Modem Manager, and primarily maintains
the Modem Manager plugin. However, the ofono plugin should work as
expected, and the author is happy to work with others to keep the
ofono plugin maintained and/or improve the ofono plugin.
Based on a conversation held in Nov/Dec 2019 in the ofono IRC, upstream
mmsd has effectively not been maintained for around 8 years. This author has
attempted to contact the ofono maintainers both through the ofono mailing
list and the ofono IRC to upstream changes found here, but did not get a
response. This author is happy to work with the ofono maintainers to upstream
the changes found in this repository, should they so desire.
Modem Manager specific notes
Upon start up, mmsd looks for and tracks the state of the modem
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