Commit 09cea336 authored by Szymon Janc's avatar Szymon Janc Committed by Marcel Holtmann

gdbus: Fix crash in g_dbus_create_error_valist

Passing NULL format parameter to vsnprintf results in invalid argument
error on glibc. But with some other libc libraries (musl and uClibc)
this results in dereferencing NULL pointer and crash due to
segmentation fault.
parent cb0284f0
......@@ -1412,7 +1412,10 @@ DBusMessage *g_dbus_create_error_valist(DBusMessage *message, const char *name,
char str[1024];
vsnprintf(str, sizeof(str), format, args);
if (format)
vsnprintf(str, sizeof(str), format, args);
str[0] = '\0';
return dbus_message_new_error(message, name, str);
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