Commit 33ef4049 authored by Chris T's avatar Chris T

Fix issue causing sending to fail

parent 7633d3d1
......@@ -666,8 +666,6 @@ static void bearer_handler(mms_bool_t active, void *user_data)
response = set_context();
mms_error("ModemManagerPlugin(): Set MMSC: %s, Set Proxy: %s, Set MMS APN: %s", modem->message_center, modem->MMS_proxy, modem->mms_apn);
/* If mmsd loads after the listener, the listener will never get this message. Add a sleep to ensure they get it. */
g_dbus_connection_emit_signal (modem->master_connection,
......@@ -926,4 +924,4 @@ static void modemmanager_exit(void)
MMS_PLUGIN_DEFINE(modemmanager, modemmanager_init, modemmanager_exit)
\ No newline at end of file
MMS_PLUGIN_DEFINE(modemmanager, modemmanager_init, modemmanager_exit)
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