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Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Updated 2021 by: Mohammad Sadiq, Kent Butler, kop316,
Updated 2021 by: Mohammad Sadiq, kent, kop316,
fuzzy7k, craftyguy, anteater
Parts adapted from:
Copyright (C) 2018 Purism SPC
mmsd is a lower level daemon that transmits and recieves MMSes. It works with
both the ofono stack and the Modem Manager stack.
Please note that mmsd alone will not get MMS working! It is designed to work
with a higher level chat application to facilitate fetching and
sending MMS. It interfaces with other applications via the dbus.
Modem Manager specific notes
Upon start up, mmsd looks for and tracks the state of the modem
that has Modem Messaging (i.e. SMS) capabilities. Since mmsd is a lower
level program, mmsd assumes that other parts of the OS stack/the
higher level chat application track/manage mobile connectivity and SMS.
This design decision was made as to not conflict with the OS stack and the
chat application.
This decision has two primary consequences to be aware of:
- mmsd does NOT manage mobile connectivity, and does not track the state of
mobile connectivity.
- mmsd also NOT watch the Modem Manager SMS dbus interface for new SMS.
Please note that due to limitations of Modem Manager, mmsd does not support
having multiple APNs at the same time (for carriers that seperate MMS APN
from Mobile Data APNs).
Please read "Configuring the Modem Manager Plugin" for configuration.
Compiling mmsd
In order to compile proxy daemon you need following software packages:
- GCC compiler
- D-Bus library
- GLib library
- Modem Manager Library
Testing out mmsd
To configure, run:
./bootstrap-configure --enable-debug --enable-maintainer-mode
Make it:
Run daemon in foreground with debugging:
./src/mmsd -n -d 'src/*'
Installing mmsd
......@@ -47,6 +67,17 @@ To uninstall, simply remove the "mmsd" binary from /${prefix}/libexec or run:
Note that you must manually configure your favorite service manager to run
the daemon, as this installer does not configure it to autorun.
Testing out mmsd
To configure, run:
./bootstrap-configure --enable-debug --enable-maintainer-mode
Make it:
Run daemon in foreground with debugging:
./src/mmsd -n -d 'src/*'
Configuring the Modem Manager Plugin
On first run, mmsd will write a settings file at
......@@ -94,4 +125,3 @@
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