Commit 61c0467e authored by Arman Uguray's avatar Arman Uguray Committed by Marcel Holtmann

gdbus: Don't refresh objects/props if disconnected

If g_dbus_client_set_proxy_handlers gets called from within a
proxy_removed callback, the code may end up refreshing the proxy's
properties and incorrectly access the client's proxy_list as it gets
freed. This patch fixes this, so that get_managed_objects does nothing
if it gets called during a service disconnect.
parent 06acadd1
......@@ -1107,6 +1107,9 @@ static void get_managed_objects(GDBusClient *client)
DBusMessage *msg;
if (!client->connected)
if (!client->proxy_added && !client->proxy_removed) {
......@@ -1142,13 +1145,13 @@ static void service_connect(DBusConnection *conn, void *user_data)
client->connected = TRUE;
if (client->connect_func)
client->connect_func(conn, client->connect_data);
client->connected = TRUE;
......@@ -1156,13 +1159,13 @@ static void service_disconnect(DBusConnection *conn, void *user_data)
GDBusClient *client = user_data;
client->connected = FALSE;
g_list_free_full(client->proxy_list, proxy_free);
client->proxy_list = NULL;
if (client->disconn_func) {
if (client->disconn_func)
client->disconn_func(conn, client->disconn_data);
client->connected = FALSE;
static DBusHandlerResult message_filter(DBusConnection *connection,
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