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    Hide blocking accounts from blocked users (#10442) · 62bafa20
    ThibG authored
    * Revert "Add indication that you have been blocked in web UI (#10420)"
    This reverts commit bd02ec6d.
    * Revert "Add `blocked_by` relationship to the REST API (#10373)"
    This reverts commit 9745de88.
    * Hide blocking accounts from search results
    * Filter blocking accouts from account followers
    * Filter blocking accouts from account's following accounts
    * Filter blocking accounts from “reblogged by” and “favourited by” lists
    * Remove blocking account from URL search
    * Return 410 on trying to fetch user data from a user who blocked us
    * Return 410 in /api/v1/account/statuses for suspended or blocking accounts
    * Fix status filtering when performing URL search
    * Restore some React improvements
    Restore some cleanup from bd02ec6d
    * Refactor by adding `without_blocking` scope
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