Commit 0936da23 authored by ThibG's avatar ThibG Committed by Nathan Ladd
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Fix misleading error when attempting to re-send a pending follow request (#13133)

Fixes #13131
parent 2f851d15
......@@ -18,14 +18,13 @@ class FollowService < BaseService
if source_account.following?(target_account)
# We're already following this account, but we'll call follow! again to
# make sure the reblogs status is set correctly.
source_account.follow!(target_account, reblogs: reblogs)
return source_account.follow!(target_account, reblogs: reblogs)
elsif source_account.requested?(target_account)
# This isn't managed by a method in AccountInteractions, so we modify it
# ourselves if necessary.
req = source_account.follow_requests.find_by(target_account: target_account)
req.update!(show_reblogs: reblogs)
return req
......@@ -10,6 +10,12 @@
= t('authorize_follow.already_following')
= render 'post_follow_actions'
- elsif current_account.requested?(@resource)
= t('authorize_follow.already_requested')
= render 'post_follow_actions'
- else
= form_tag authorize_interaction_path, method: :post, class: 'simple_form' do
......@@ -661,6 +661,7 @@ en:
trouble_logging_in: Trouble logging in?
already_following: You are already following this account
already_requested: You have already sent a follow request to that account
error: Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account
follow: Follow
follow_request: 'You have sent a follow request to:'
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