Commit 2cc099c7 authored by trwnh's avatar trwnh Committed by Eugen Rochko
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Make detailed-status__wrapper actually wrap detailed status (#8547)

* Remove class from scrollable div

.detailed-status__wrapper does not actually wrap the detailed status here

* Re-add class to focusable div

.detailed-status__wrapper now wraps the detailed status instead of the entire scrollable area
parent d4415cc3
......@@ -428,11 +428,11 @@ class Status extends ImmutablePureComponent {
<ScrollContainer scrollKey='thread' shouldUpdateScroll={shouldUpdateScroll}>
<div className={classNames('scrollable', 'detailed-status__wrapper', { fullscreen })} ref={this.setRef}>
<div className={classNames('scrollable', { fullscreen })} ref={this.setRef}>
<HotKeys handlers={handlers}>
<div className='focusable' tabIndex='0' aria-label={textForScreenReader(intl, status, false, !status.get('hidden'))}>
<div className={classNames('focusable', 'detailed-status__wrapper')} tabIndex='0' aria-label={textForScreenReader(intl, status, false, !status.get('hidden'))}>
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