Commit 30562b94 authored by Bastien Durel's avatar Bastien Durel Committed by Nathan Ladd
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fix unresolved external in @clusterws/cws by upgrading it (#12752)

parent 34bf48dd
......@@ -795,10 +795,10 @@
lodash "^4.17.13"
to-fast-properties "^2.0.0"
version "0.16.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-YeGpAPIdkBsOnAkmFKVMWEjCKDH900U2if0B+nc1imfv+64AIb2JX2xiTA6BLDLppEgWV5c6bpWESjbHCNblHw==
version "0.16.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-OamMsXwVppfmwX14Ed1msJJN0KNi+VBQh5AkAqUvIGTcJyHcjpsKjU15wS8QumvEewxx9gvGp7aSDop0/R5Gqg==
version "1.0.3"
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