Commit 87698a5f authored by Sasha Sorokin's avatar Sasha Sorokin Committed by Nathan Ladd
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Add translation project promotion link (#12736)

This commit adds promotional notice on appearance settings about
translation project if any other locale than English is used. It
allows users to learn and contribute translations to Mastodon.

Step ahead, in this commit one unusual string is added - link to a
guide. By default it refers to Crowdin project itself, but if any of
Mastodon localization teams established their own guide, they can
refer it. Or, if Crowdin supports localized domain for language, it
can also be put there (e.g.
parent 82df0c62
......@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
= f.input :setting_theme, collection: Themes.instance.names, label_method: lambda { |theme| I18n.t("themes.#{theme}", default: theme) }, wrapper: :with_label, include_blank: false, hint: false
- unless I18n.locale == :en
.flash-message{ style: "text-align: unset; color: unset" }
#{t 'appearance.localization.body'} #{content_tag(:a, t('appearance.localization.guide_link_text'), href: t('appearance.localization.guide_link'), target: "_blank", rel: "noopener", style: "text-decoration: underline")}
%h4= t 'appearance.advanced_web_interface'
%p.hint= t 'appearance.advanced_web_interface_hint'
......@@ -581,6 +581,10 @@ en:
animations_and_accessibility: Animations and accessibility
confirmation_dialogs: Confirmation dialogs
discovery: Discovery
body: Mastodon is translated by volunteers.
guide_link_text: Everyone can contribute.
sensitive_content: Sensitive content
post_layout: Post layout
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