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Remove another lingering Neo4J item
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......@@ -89,7 +89,6 @@ The container has two volumes, for the assets and for user uploads. The default
- `rake mastodon:push:clear` unsubscribes from PuSH notifications for remote users that have no local followers. You may not want to actually do that, to keep a fuller footprint of the fediverse or in case your users will soon re-follow
- `rake mastodon:push:refresh` re-subscribes PuSH for expiring remote users, this should be run periodically from a cronjob and quite often as the expiration time depends on the particular hub of the remote user
- `rake mastodon:feeds:clear` removes all timelines, which forces them to be re-built on the fly next time a user tries to fetch their home/mentions timeline. Only for troubleshooting
- `rake mastodon:graphs:sync` re-imports all follow relationships into Neo4J. Only for troubleshooting
Running any of these tasks via docker-compose would look like this:
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