Commit b32a1d57 authored by nullkal's avatar nullkal Committed by Eugen Rochko
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Refactor 500 file generation for future extension (#5105)

parent 9d53a38a
# frozen_string_literal: true # frozen_string_literal: true
namespace :assets do def render_static_page(action, dest:, **opts)
desc 'Generate 500.html'
task :generate_500 do
I18n.with_locale(ENV['DEFAULT_LOCALE'] || I18n.default_locale) do I18n.with_locale(ENV['DEFAULT_LOCALE'] || I18n.default_locale) do
html = ApplicationController.render('errors/500', layout: 'error') html = ApplicationController.render(action, opts)
File.write(Rails.root.join('public', '500.html'), html) File.write(dest, html)
end end
namespace :assets do
desc 'Generate static pages'
task :generate_static_pages do
render_static_page 'errors/500', layout: 'error', dest: Rails.root.join('public', '500.html')
end end
end end
if Rake::Task.task_defined?('assets:precompile') if Rake::Task.task_defined?('assets:precompile')
Rake::Task['assets:precompile'].enhance do Rake::Task['assets:precompile'].enhance do
Webpacker::Manifest.load Webpacker::Manifest.load
Rake::Task['assets:generate_500'].invoke Rake::Task['assets:generate_static_pages'].invoke
end end
end end
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