1. 19 Feb, 2020 2 commits
    • ThibG's avatar
      Change how unread announcements are handled (#13020) · af8b3341
      ThibG authored
      * Change meaning of /api/v1/announcements/:id/dismiss to mark an announcement as read
      * Change how unread announcements are counted in UI
      * Add unread marker to announcements and mark announcements as unread as they are displayed
      * Fixups
    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Add announcements (#12662) · b43ee864
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add announcements
      Fix #11006
      * Add reactions to announcements
      * Add admin UI for announcements
      * Add unit tests
      * Fix issues
      - Add `with_dismissed` param to announcements API
      - Fix end date not being formatted when time range is given
      - Fix announcement delete causing reactions to send streaming updates
      - Fix announcements container growing too wide and mascot too small
      - Fix `all_day` being settable when no time range is given
      - Change text "Update" to "Announcement"
      * Fix scheduler unpublishing announcements before they are due
      * Fix filter params not being passed to announcements filter