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      Dev Tooling fixes (eslint/editorconfig) (#1398) · 3672a799
      Gavin Mogan authored
      * Add eslint to dev dependancies so it gets installed for the repo
      yarn add --dev eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-reac
      project specific version of eslint, you can globally install eslint-cli
      if you want the global runtime, or add .bin to your path
      * fix eslint errors about inconsitent returns
      * eslint ignore the same as git ignore. allows for eslint .
      * Add editorconfig file so everyones editor will be setup to follow the same standards
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      Add .env.test · 75d09033
      Alyssa Ross authored
      It took me ages to get Mastodon set up with the tests passing because
      the environment variables I needed to define weren't documented and I
      had to work them out one at a time.
      This change adds a .env.test file, and makes it so it isn't ignored by
      git. I think it makes sense for the .env.test file to be in git, since
      there's nothing secret in it, but other approaches would be to have a
      .env.test.sample (like the corresponding one for production), or to set
      these values in a test helper, or to adapt the tests to work with
      environments other than this one. I'd be happy to make these changes if
      that would be preferred.
      Being able to get set up and run the tests is a pretty important part of
      being able to contribute to Mastodon (or your test coverage with
      suffer!), so having some sort of solution like this one is vital.
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