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title: What is Liberty?
*Liberty* is the technical project behind [Librem One]( This website is aimed primarily at experienced volunteers looking to contribute.
## Primary user story
I am an everyday user without my own infrastructure. I want a single point of trust (account and applications), so that communication from
my existing devices is both safe and easy.
## Operator user story
I am a well-intentioned sysadmin. I want to host a service on a hostile network (the Internet), so that I can help strangers communicate without
compromising their digital civil rights.
## Marginalized user story
I am a marginalized person with an opinion. I want to intercept online harassment, so that I can communicate safely with friends and strangers.
title: Definitions
*Regular services* are implementations of networked software, typically lightweight clients or browser interfaces that deliver messages to remote applications operated by a third party.
An *ethical service* is one that explicitly protects users from exploitation in this scenario.
The *Liberty Deckplan* is our concrete configuration plan for a well-defined suite of ethical services.
A *Liberty Deckplan Host* (LDH) is a single domain implementing the deckplan to provide ethical services.
[Librem One]( is the flagship LDH installation.
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title: Links
To sign up for existing services, see <>
If you've already signed up, you'll find [help on the support page]( and [news on the Purism blog](
If you want smaller, technical updates, you can follow [](
If you're an experienced volunteer interested in *active development of client and server applications*, see the projects listed in []( For an overview, [read the services notebook](
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<title>{% block title %}Welcome{% endblock %} —</title>
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%}><a href="{{ '/'|url }}">Welcome</a></li>
{% for href, title in [
['/definitions', 'Definitions'],
['/links', 'Links']
] %}
<li{% if this.is_child_of(href) %} class="active"{% endif
%}><a href="{{ href|url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}
<div class="page">
{% block body %}{% endblock %}
&copy; Copyright 2019 by Purism SPC. Unless otherwise noted, page contents are shared under <a href="">Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0</a> license terms.
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{% endif %}
{% endmacro %}
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<h2>{{ this.title }}</h2>
{{ this.body }}
{% endblock %}
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