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Purist services notebook
**project** | [wiki] | [tracker] | *snippets*
Project management, software architecture and UX design for Purist
applications and services. See below for an overview. See [wiki]
for a page index.
## Overview
An easy-to-install private communication suite that users can access
from all their devices, secure from monitoring by the operator or
third-parties, and optionally host themselves. [Read more about our
### Audience
* This notebook is for technical readers interested in
*software engineering* and *design*. See setup and usage instructions
* For programmers interested in *active development*, see
* ~~For users wanting to sign-up for services and download applications, see <>~~ (not yet available)
## Setup
To view issues and wiki pages, no setup is required, simply follow the
To add issues and modify wiki pages, you must register and log into
To make contributions to the wiki via Git:
* Download the wiki content with Git
* From the command line, navigate to the base repo folder
* Create a self-referencing symlink with
`ln -s /full/path/to/base/folder`
* Rename the new symlink folder to `wiki`
(This symlink to ourselves is required because Gogs requires that our
relative paths start `./wiki` - see
[Gogs #2080](
## Usage
To edit a local copy of the wiki:
* Open `` in a compatible editor (for example, ReText)
* Click links to the live preview to open linked files
## Submit support issues by email only
The tracker associated with this repo is used as a central location for
high-level public planning, not support issues.
Please email any support issues to <> rather than adding
an issue to the tracker. Any support issues in the tracker will be
## Sharing and contributions
Purist services notebook <br />
<> <br />
Copyright 2017-2018 Purism SPC and contributors <br />
SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
Shared under CC-BY-SA-4.0, see [](./wiki/
for details. We adhere to the Contributor Covenant 1.4 without
modification, see [](./wiki/ for
details. Contributions under the same terms are welcome.
Contributions and license notices from other sources are listed in
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