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title: Lifecycle
Both server and client applications follow a similar lifecycle:
* **Development.** Designing, implementing and testing features and fixes.
* **Build.** Make a continuous, reproducible build of the project.
* **Stable release.** Release a build marked "stable".
* **Installation.** Install a stable release on a target system for the first time.
* **Configuration.** Configure an installation for the first time.
* **Update.** Update and re-configure an existing installation.
* **Staged deployment.** Confirm installation, configuration and updates on test systems.
* **Flagship release.** Update the flagship installation for general use and announce.
* **Rollback.** If a problem is encountered, roll back to the previous working release.
## Development
* This is generally covered in the upstream project.
## Build
## Stable release
## Installation
## Configuration
* Server applications always require LDAP backend configuration.
## Update
## Staged deployment
* If an problem is encountered, hop back to "Development" and fix it.
## Flagship release
* For client applications, this means making the stable release available in the package repo or store.
## Rollback
* For client applications, we must quickly make a new (working) release and increment the version number.
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