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Purist services notebook
# Services notebook
**project** | [wiki] | [tracker] | *snippets*
[homepage] | [project] | [subprojects] | [wiki] | [tracker] |
[chat] | [microblog]
Project management, software architecture and UX design for Purist
applications and services. See below for an overview. See [wiki]
for a page index.
A Lektor-based static site for ethical service definitions, standards
and components. Content hosted at <>
## Install from source
## Overview
1. Download source
An easy-to-install private communication suite that users can access
from all their devices, secure from monitoring by the operator or
third-parties, and optionally host themselves. [Read more about our
mkdir liberty_services
git clone .
### Audience
2. Install Lektor with pipsi. (The Debian package doesn't include the
admin interface, see <>.)
* This notebook is for technical readers interested in
*software engineering* and *design*. See setup and usage instructions
* For programmers interested in *active development*, see
* ~~For users wanting to sign-up for services and download applications, see <>~~ (not yet available)
sudo apt install pipsi
pipsi install lektor
## Setup
To view issues and wiki pages, no setup is required, simply follow the
## Usage
To add issues and modify wiki pages, you must register and log into
1. Launch Lektor in browser
To make contributions to the wiki via Git:
cd liberty_services
lektor server --browse
* Download the wiki content with Git
* From the command line, navigate to the base repo folder
* Create a self-referencing symlink with
`ln -s /full/path/to/base/folder`
* Rename the new symlink folder to `wiki`
2. Click the "Pencil" button to edit a page.
(This symlink to ourselves is required because Gogs requires that our
relative paths start `./wiki` - see
[Gogs #2080](
3. Click the "Save" button to make changes.
## Usage
4. Once you're happy, commit the changes.
To edit a local copy of the wiki:
## Build and deploy
* Open `` in a compatible editor (for example, ReText)
* Click links to the live preview to open linked files
Assumes you can ssh on to the target.
## Submit support issues by email only
1. Build the site
The tracker associated with this repo is used as a central location for
high-level public planning, not support issues.
lektor build
Please email any support issues to <> rather than adding
an issue to the tracker. Any support issues in the tracker will be
2. Confirm build was successful (no error messages).
## Sharing and contributions
3. Deploy
Purist services notebook <br />
<> <br />
Copyright 2017-2018 Purism SPC and contributors <br />
SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-SA-4.0
lektor deploy <target>
Shared under CC-BY-SA-4.0, see [](
for details. We adhere to the Contributor Covenant 1.4 without
modification, see [](
for details. Contributions under the same terms are welcome.
<!-- Links -->
Contributions and license notices from other sources are listed in
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