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    ComposeActivity refactor (#1541) · 8770fbe9
    Ivan Kupalov authored
    * Convert ComposeActivity to Kotlin
    * More ComposeActivity cleanups
    * Move ComposeActivity to it's own package
    * Remove ComposeActivity.IntentBuilder
    * Re-do part of the media downsizing/uploading
    * Add sending of status to ViewModel, draft media descriptions
    * Allow uploading video, update description after uploading
    * Enable camera, enable upload cancelling
    * Cleanup of ComposeActivity
    * Extract CaptionDialog, extract ComposeActivity methods
    * Fix handling of redrafted media
    * Add initial state and media uploading out of Activity
    * Change ComposeOptions.mentionedUsernames to be Set rather than List
    We probably don't want repeated usernames when we are writing a post
    and Set provides such guarantee for free plus it tells it to the
    callers. The only disadvantage is lack of order but it shouldn't be a
    * Add combineOptionalLiveData. Add docs.
    It it useful for nullable LiveData's. I think we cannot differentiate
    between value not being set and value being null so I just added the
    variant without null check.
    * Add poll support to Compose.
    * cleanup code
    * move more classes into compose package
    * cleanup code
    * fix button behavior
    * add error handling for media upload
    * add caching for instance data again
    * merge develop
    * fix scheduled toots
    * delete unused string
    * cleanup ComposeActivity
    * fix restoring media from drafts
    * make media upload code a little bit clearer
    * cleanup autocomplete search code
    * avoid duplicate object creation in SavedTootActivity
    * perf: avoid unnecessary work when initializing ComposeActivity
    * add license header to new files
    * use small toot button on bigger displays
    * fix ComposeActivityTest
    * fix bad merge
    * use Singles.zip instead of Single.zip
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