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Initial release.
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Librem Social 1.0.0
* Updated source code link in the About screen
* Merged upstream changes from Tusky 7.1, including:
* Pull-to-refresh, and other small improvements for user profiles
* Support for displaying polls, voting and poll notifications
* Many other bugfixes, enhancements and translations
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Tusky v6.0
- Timeline filters have moved to Account Preferences and will sync with the server
- You can now have a custom hashtag as tab in the main interface
- Lists can now be edited
- Security: removed support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, and added support for TLS 1.3 on Android 6+
- The compose view will now suggest custom emojis when starting to type
- New theme setting "follow system theme"
- Improved timeline accessibility
- Tusky will now ignore unknown notifications and no longer crash
- New setting: You can now override the system language and set a different language in Tusky
- New translations: Czech and Esperanto
- A lot of other improvements and fixes
Tusky v7.0
- Support for displaying polls, voting and poll notifications
- New buttons to filter the notification tab and to delete all notifications
- delete & redraft your own toots
- new indicator that shows if an account is a bot on the profile image (can be turned off in the preferences)
- New translations: Norwegian Bokmål and Slovenian.
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