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# PSH Shipwright
# Shipwright
*Shipwright* is a command-line maintenance tool for operating a Purist
Services Host (PSH).
*Shipwright* is a command-line tool for operating one or more Purist
Services Host (PSH) installations from your local session.
## Prerequisites
## Installation
* Python 3.x
* pipenv (use `pip install --user pipenv`)
* See `Pipfile` for additional Python prerequisites
* Download Git repo
The preferred way to install Shipwright is with your package manager.
The recommended package name is `psh_operator`. For example:
## Installation
sudo apt install psh_operator # Debian-based (doesn't exist yet)
pipsi install psh_operator # Python-based (doesn't exist yet)
## Usage
cd /path/to/shipwright
pipenv install
shipwright --help
## Usage
## Installation (from source)
If you'd prefer to run from source...
1. Install Python 3.x and pipenv. (See
<> for a tutorial.)
2. Get source:
git clone
3. Install with pipenv:
cd /path/to/psh_operator
pipenv install
## Usage (from source)
cd /path/to/shipwright
cd /path/to/psh_operator
pipenv run shipwright --help
## Sharing and contributions
PSH Shipwright
Copyright 2018 Purism SPC
SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
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