Commit 12790a81 authored by Jose Blaya's avatar Jose Blaya
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Merge branch '273-bug-trusted-cellular-networks-value-not-updated' into 'release/2.8.0'

Resolve "Bug Trusted Cellular networks value not updated"

See merge request ios/vpn-ios!385
parents dedc67d7 8a9ec306
......@@ -484,6 +484,7 @@ class SettingsViewController: AutolayoutViewController {
pendingPreferences.availableNetworks = Client.preferences.availableNetworks
pendingPreferences.shouldConnectForAllNetworks = Client.preferences.shouldConnectForAllNetworks
pendingPreferences.useWiFiProtection = Client.preferences.useWiFiProtection
pendingPreferences.trustCellularData = Client.preferences.trustCellularData
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