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Version 1.0.0
* Updated to latest upstream codebase
* Cloned [client-library-apple]( and pointing in Podfile to version that includes customizations for Librem One: 1.0.0
* Building involves several iterations of `pod install` + project build cycles (upstream working on a fix)
* Building on Macstadium is broken for the above reason
Version 0.1.1 released to App Store on 2019-04-17
* Fixed bug that would leave spinner and LOG IN button disabled when user login fails
* Tweaked placement of logo on the login screen so that it doesn't overlap the top notch on newer iPhones
* Changed URL Type identifier to one.librem.tunnel and URL scheme to libremtunnel
* Removed "Account" menu
* Fixed log in with accounts
Version 0.1.0 released to App Store on 2019-04-10
* Initial release
* Forked PIA VPN for iOS v2.8.1
# Contribution Guidelines
Private Internet Access welcomes community contributions, and are always looking for ways in which to improve. Please take a look at our contribution guidelines, and get involved with the PIA community.
## Bugs and Issues
Have you found a bug? Is our software behaving in an unexpected way? Please check the open issues for duplicates -- perhaps a fix is already in development, or maybe a solution has already been published.
If not then please submit a bug report using our [template](/.github/
## Feature Requests
Feature requests can also be submitted as issues. We’d be grateful if you checked for duplicates also before submitting a feature request.
## Working with our Code
* Fork the repository. Make sure to keep your repository synced with the source repo.
* When you are ready to start working on a new feature, cut a new branch from `develop` with the prefix `feature/` (e.g. `feature/name-of-feature`).
* Refer to the [README](/ for instructions on how to install and build.
## Making Pull Requests
* Sync the `develop` branch in your fork with the `develop` branch in the source repo.
* Merge your feature branch into `develop`.
* Make your pull request from `develop` in your fork to `develop` in the source.
* Use short and concise commit messages.
* Lint your code before committing and making a pull request.
* Write unit tests for new features and make sure all tests are passing.
* If your pull request contains multiple commits or commits that are not meaningful, consider squashing them.
[![PIA logo][pia-image]][pia-url]
# Librem Tunnel
# Private Internet Access
Librem Tunnel iOS app is a fork of [PIA VPN for iOS]( customized for [Librem One]( services.
Private Internet Access is the world's leading consumer VPN service. At Private Internet Access we believe in unfettered access for all, and as a firm supporter of the open source ecosystem we have made the decision to open source our VPN clients. For more information about the PIA service, please visit our website [][pia-url] or check out the [Wiki][pia-wiki].
## Features
* Protect your privacy with secure connection to a VPN tunnel
* Encrypt your network traffic
* Enable optional Safari Content Blocker to stop ads and trackers while browsing with Safari
* High speeds, unlimited bandwidth, up to 5 devices
# PIA VPN for iOS
## Branch setup
* `master` represents the latest release that is currently in the Apple App Store
With the Private Internet Access VPN app for iOS, you can access our network of VPN servers across the world from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (64-bit only). Choose among many available countries and connect to them easily. Features include kill switch, multiple VPN protocols, DNS/IPv6 leak protection and Safari Content Blocker for ad-blocking while browsing with Safari.
### [CHANGES](
## Getting started
The PIA VPN app features:
- [x] Plenty of countries to connect to (28 as of today)
- [x] IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN Protocols
- [x] Kill switch
- [x] Multiple VPN protocols
- [x] Fine-grained VPN settings
- [x] DNS leak protection
- [x] IPv6 leak protection
- [x] Safari Content Blocker
- [x] Dark theme
- [x] Hotspot Helper
## Installation
### Requirements
- iOS 11.0+ / macOS 10.11+
- Xcode 9+ (Swift 4)
- Git (preinstalled with Xcode Command Line Tools)
- Ruby (preinstalled with macOS)
- [CocoaPods 1.5.0][dep-cocoapods]
- [SwiftGen][dep-swiftgen]
It's highly recommended to use the Git and Ruby packages provided by [Homebrew][dep-brew].
### Testing
Download the app codebase locally:
$ git clone
Assuming you have a [working CocoaPods environment][dep-cocoapods], setting up the app workspace only requires installing the pod dependencies:
$ pod install
After that, open `PIA VPN.xcworkspace` in Xcode and run the `PIA VPN` target.
For the VPN to work properly, the app requires:
- _App Groups_ and _Keychain Sharing_ capabilities
- App IDs with _Packet Tunnel_ entitlements
both in the main app and the tunnel extension target.
### Hotspot Helper API
We use a special entitlement to participate in the process of joining Wi-Fi/hotspot networks (
You need to request this entitlement to Apple or remove the call to `configureHotspotHelper()` in `AppDelegate.swift` and adapt the entitlements file to your needs.
## Contributing
By contributing to this project you are agreeing to the terms stated in the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) [here](/CLA.rst).
For more details please see [CONTRIBUTING](/
Issues and Pull Requests should use these templates: [ISSUE](/.github/ and [PULL REQUEST](/.github/
## Authors
- Jose Blaya - [ueshiba](
- Davide De Rosa
- Amir Malik (before 2016)
## License
This project is licensed under the [MIT (Expat) license](, which can be found [here](/LICENSE).
## Acknowledgements
- SwiftyBeaver - © 2015 Sebastian Kreutzberger
- Alamofire - © 2014-2018 Alamofire Software Foundation (
- iRate - © 2011 Charcoal Design
- TPKeyboardAvoiding - © 2013 Michael Tyson
- SideMenu - © 2015 Jonathan Kent <>
- FXPageControl - © 2010 Charcoal Design
- MBProgressHUD - © 2009-2016 Matej Bukovinski
- GradientProgressBar - Felix Mau (me(@)
- Popover - © 2020 corin8823 <>
- TunnelKit - © 2018 - Present Davide de Rosa ( - TunnelKit is not MIT software and remains under the terms of the GPL license (
© 2002-2018 OpenVPN Inc. - OpenVPN is a registered trademark of OpenVPN Inc.
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