Commit d4184890 authored by Davide De Rosa's avatar Davide De Rosa
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Drop redundant migration to automatic socket type

An old tunnelConfiguration without endpointProtocols will be
parsed to nil and therefore fall back to defaults, that is
AppConfiguration.shared.piaDefaultConfigurationBuilder. This will
override any former user UDP/TCP preference, but it's not a big

Such builder has endpointProtocols properly set to automatic, so:

- tunnelConfiguration will never be nil, it'll be set to defaults.
- Default endpointProtocols will never be empty.

As a consequence, the code will never be executed.
parent 8e620ad9
......@@ -107,18 +107,6 @@ class Bootstrapper {
pref.mace = false
// automatic
let tunnelConfiguration = pref.vpnCustomConfiguration(for: PIATunnelProfile.vpnType) as? PIATunnelProvider.Configuration
if tunnelConfiguration?.endpointProtocols.isEmpty ?? true {
AppPreferences.shared.piaSocketType = nil
var tunnelConfigurationBuilder = tunnelConfiguration?.builder()
tunnelConfigurationBuilder?.endpointProtocols = AppConfiguration.VPN.piaAutomaticProtocols
if let newConfiguration = tunnelConfigurationBuilder?.build() {
pref.setVPNCustomConfiguration(newConfiguration, for: PIATunnelProfile.vpnType)
// Business objects
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