Commit 7aa5190e authored by Jose Blaya's avatar Jose Blaya

Merge branch 'feature/bug-spinner-initial-screen' into feature/dedicated_ip

* feature/bug-spinner-initial-screen:
  Disable see all available plans while the spinner is loading
parents d39d3a03 0069ccc0
......@@ -335,12 +335,14 @@ public class GetStartedViewController: PIAWelcomeViewController {
private func disableInteractions(fully: Bool) {
self.subscribeNowButton.isEnabled = false
self.buyButton.isEnabled = false
private func enableInteractions() {
if !isPurchasing { //dont reenable the screen if we are still purchasing
self.subscribeNowButton.isEnabled = true
self.buyButton.isEnabled = true
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