Commit a2022a14 authored by Jose Blaya's avatar Jose Blaya
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Merge branch '162-use-traitcollectiondidchange-delegate-for-dark-mode' into 'release/2.2.0'

Resolve "Use traitCollectionDidChange delegate for dark mode"

See merge request ios/client-library-apple!219
parents 1a2a7c36 4c8fcc41
......@@ -69,11 +69,15 @@ open class AutolayoutViewController: UIViewController, ModalController, Restylab
/// :nodoc:
open override func viewDidLayoutSubviews() {
refreshOrientationConstraints(size: view.bounds.size)
open override func traitCollectionDidChange(_ previousTraitCollection: UITraitCollection?) {
//MARK: - iOS13 Dark mode
if #available(iOS 13.0, *) {
refreshOrientationConstraints(size: view.bounds.size)
private func refreshOrientationConstraints(size: CGSize) {
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