Commit b3a41a27 authored by Jose Blaya's avatar Jose Blaya
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Remove legacy plans

parent ada0569c
......@@ -17,18 +17,6 @@ public enum Plan: String {
/// Subscription expires/renews after one year.
case yearly
/// Plan expires/renews after one month (price inApp 2019).
case legacyMonthly
/// Plan expires/renews after one year (price inApp 2019).
case legacyYearly
/// Plan expires/renews after one month (price before 2019).
case oldLegacyMonthly
/// Plan expires/renews after one year (price before 2019).
case oldLegacyYearly
/// It's a trial plan.
case trial
......@@ -472,14 +472,6 @@ class DefaultAccountProvider: AccountProvider, ConfigurationAccess, DatabaseAcce
callback?([.monthly], nil)
case .yearly:
callback?([.yearly], nil)
case .legacyMonthly:
callback?([.legacyMonthly], nil)
case .legacyYearly:
callback?([.legacyYearly], nil)
case .oldLegacyMonthly:
callback?([.oldLegacyMonthly], nil)
case .oldLegacyYearly:
callback?([.oldLegacyYearly], nil)
case .other:
callback?(nil, ClientError.renewingNonRenewable)
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