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# Changelog
The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
## [Unreleased]
- Merged upstream master v2.8.2
# Contribution Guidelines
Private Internet Access welcomes community contributions, and are always looking for ways in which to improve. Please take a look at our contribution guidelines, and get involved with the PIA community.
## Bugs and Issues
Have you found a bug? Is our software behaving in an unexpected way? Please check the open issues for duplicates -- perhaps a fix is already in development, or maybe a solution has already been published.
If not then please submit a bug report using our [template](/.github/
## Feature Requests
Feature requests can also be submitted as issues. We’d be grateful if you checked for duplicates also before submitting a feature request.
## Working with our Code
* Fork the repository. Make sure to keep your repository synced with the source repo.
* When you are ready to start working on a new feature, cut a new branch from `develop` with the prefix `feature/` (e.g. `feature/name-of-feature`).
* Refer to the [README](/ for instructions on how to install and build.
## Making Pull Requests
* Sync the `develop` branch in your fork with the `develop` branch in the source repo.
* Merge your feature branch into `develop`.
* Make your pull request from `develop` in your fork to `develop` in the source.
* Use short and concise commit messages.
* Lint your code before committing and making a pull request.
* Write unit tests for new features and make sure all tests are passing.
* If your pull request contains multiple commits or commits that are not meaningful, consider squashing them.
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