Commit d98ad532 authored by Jose Blaya's avatar Jose Blaya
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Merge branch '158-fix-settext-label-in-background-thread' into 'release/2.2.0'

Resolve "Fix setText label in background thread"

See merge request ios/client-library-apple!215
parents 61d0ea83 0e0bfffa
......@@ -142,9 +142,14 @@ class PurchaseTrialViewController: AutolayoutViewController, BrandableNavigation
purchase.detail = L10n.Welcome.Plan.Yearly.detailFormat(currencySymbol, purchase.product.price.description)
purchase.bestValue = true
let price = L10n.Welcome.Plan.Yearly.detailFormat(currencySymbol, purchase.product.price.description)
subtitleLabel.text = L10n.Signup.Purchase.Trials.Price.after(price)
DispatchQueue.main.async { [weak self] in
if let label = self?.subtitleLabel {
label.text = L10n.Signup.Purchase.Trials.Price.after(price)
withTextToStandOut: price)
allPlans[0] = purchase
selectedPlanIndex = 0
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