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Document changes and release 0.0.3

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librem5-devkit-tools (0.0.3) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
* flash-image: Make lack of meta data fatal.
This was just a band aid until
got merged to not break image flashing.
* postinst: Add missing interpreter
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: Allow to skip flashing.
This allows to use the download machinery but not flash anything.
Useful to prepare everything on another machine.
* gitlab-ci: Test librem5-devkit-flash-image download.
We can't test the actual flashing but that's most of what the script
does atm.
This will make us spot things like fixed in !1 early.
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: Print retry messages at debug level.
Messes up the progress bar otherwise.
* gitlab-ci: Drop mkdir.
Librem5-devkit-flash-image creates it so let's test that code path as
* Disable supertiles on the devkit.
Add this work around until we fixed supertile textures on GC7000.
* tests: Panel brightness can range from 0 to 100 now.
* Don't require a password for sudo.
Makes hacking on the devkit more convenient. (Closes: #12)
* d/control: Add missing python3-yaml dependency.
We use it in librem5-devkit-flash-image
* Add requirements.txt.
This makes is simpler for people not using a distribution and other
operating systems.
* gitlab-ci: Add test using modules from pypi
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: We always fetch meta data.
No need to check if it's set
* librem5-devkit-image: Don't redownload image if it's recent
(Closes: #14)
* uuu_scripts: Drop flash_librem5-devkit-test.lst.
It's the same as flash_librem5-devkit.lst but with a different image
* uuu_scripts: Explain each script's purpose in a comment
* uuu_scripts: Give an idea what this directory does
* gitignore: Add files/
The uuu scripts reads volatile files from there that are not part of
this repo.
* tests: Test cpufreq.
* tests: brightness: Adjust node name for Linux 5.x.
The device tree we upstream has a different node name.
* tests: Test for magnetometer.
We care about the magnetometer not the gyro for iio-sensor-proxy
* tests: Fix test name.
We test cpufreq not the battery
* librem5-devkit-check: Make shellcheck happy
* librem5-devkit-test: shellcheck
* librem5-devkit-check: Don't write out byte code files.
Since we run as root we don't want to clutter the test directory with
python byte code files. For detailed test debugging folks will likley
invoke pytest-3 manually so this doesn't matter a lot performance wise.
* librem5-devkit-check: Comlain when not run with super user privileges.
We need eleveated privileges for some tests.
* tests: Test touch controller.
Test that the goodix touch controller is available. If this test
succeeds we know that the device was probed successfully on the I²C bus
and that it got registered with the input subsystem.
* tests: Add pytest to test modem availability.
If these test succeed we know that the modem is visible on the USB
bus and the modem manager picked it up.
* tests: Add pytest to test some audio aspects.
This tests if the code is there (probed) correctly and if the
headphone IRQ is registered.
* tests: Add system information to test output.
- image git revision: the revision of the image-builder repo
- kernel version
- device tree model
to the test output. This makes the sole output of test run more useful.
* tests: Check for cpuidle sysfs nodes.
This is not sufficient to ensure cpuidle works but is at least
makes sure we don't lose basic kernel support.
* tests: Check for drm render node
* Move initial board-bringup notes to doc/
* Remove doc building step.
* Add minimal README.
This guides people to the official docs to avoid duplication.
* tests: Make a module
* tests: Add sysfs helper module.
We can add common functions here to avoid code duplication
* tests: Don't hardcode iio sysfs path.
Based on Martin's MR
* Move tests to pytests.
This makes installing them simpler since we don't have to distinguish
between these and other python based tests and programs.
* Test for proximity sensor sysfs node.
This can become more elaborate in the future.
* docs: Mention the pytest based tests.
This hopefully encourages people to add more tests when we enable more
* pytests: Move drm test to pytests/
This one got added before we moved the tests.
* test_scripts: Drop
It should only be in pytests/
* pytests: Check if modem is visible to alsa
[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]
* Use g_multi instead of g_serial to deliver Ethernet
* Make USB use DHCP
* Devkit: Resume image download on errors
* devkit-flash: Allow for configureable number of retries.
* flash-kernel: Add root kernel cmdline parameter.
* base: Add flash-kernel and mtd-tools to the dependency list
* base: Add u-boot-tools as a hard dependency of our flash-kernel version
* base: Resize rootfs after it's mounted
[ Johannes Krampf ]
* Readme: Fix file name for uuu flash script.
[ Esteban Torre ]
* Remove debug proxy
* add debug support to uuu in flash script.
[ Angus Ainslie (Purism) ]
* librem5-devkit.conf: enable antenna diversity for the RS9116 module
* Add a uuu script that flashes the full-boot-image.
u-boot-builder can generate a "full-boot-image" that contains an
m4.img and an imx u-boot.
* Update fetch-latest urls.
Update the kernel, u-boot and recovery u-boot urls.
Drop the image download.
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: choose a specific board variant.
Choose between legacy, current and next build types
* librem5-devkit.conf: don't blacklist the rsi_sdio driver.
The driver works sometimes so enable it to collect more data.
* There are 3 temperature sensors so report all of them if they are present
* Add shell based static tests.
This is a script that does some basic tests to ensure that certain
subsystems are present. It duplicates functionality from other tests so
should be refactored at some point.
[ Angus Ainslie ]
* uuu_scripts: u-boot_flash_librem5-devkit.lst : flash the correct u-boot.
The script was flashing the -recovery u-boot. It now flashes the
regular u-boot and the required m4 binary.
* uuu_scripts: u-boot_flash_recovery_librem5-devkit.lst: add a script to
flash the recovery u-boot.
This will flash the -recovery version of u-boot to the eMMC so that
the m4.bin is not required.
* Fix broken documentation link
* Add a test for the gpio-vibration driver
* Add a test "daemon" to differentiate short vs long press on the power key.
* pytests: Add test for audio output
* : fix broken documentation link
* base: Add mmc-tools.
Trying to debug boot issues from eMMC so install mmc-tools
* Revert "base: Add mmc-tools"
It's not mmc-tools it's mmc-utils
This reverts commit 19cd107993ffa8db0e860d155374ee5311242abd.
* base: Add mmc-utils.
Trying to debug boot issues from eMMC so install mmc-utils
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: update the uboot job name.
U-boot builds have ben moved
* use python3 on the target
python3 has all of the correct dependencies
* use python3 on the target
python3 has all of the correct dependencies
* librem5-devkit-check.install: Copy more of the tests is needed to test the haptic motor tests suspend and shutdown
* debian/control: add rfkill.
Add rfkill to interact with the HKS
* librem5-devkit.conf: blacklist the mainline kernel driver.
As the mainline driver doesn't yet load firmare from flash use the
redpine one for now.
* uuu_scripts: Add scripts to flash and set the boot partitions.
The boot partitions are small ( 4MB ) partions that can hold a boot
loader. The eMMC can be setup to boot from the user partition or either
one of the boot partitons. The flash_* scripts will flash u-boot into
the boot partitions and the set_* scripts will select the boot
* write a file to partition 0.
This script uses uuu to write a file into partition 0 of the eMMC. Linux
mounts this partition as /boot so the files can be accessed from
* librem5-devkit.conf: set the correct mode for the redpine driver
[ Hugo Grostabussiat ]
* Select the MMC hwpart before writing.
Explicitly select the user area partition before attempting to write
to the eMMC.
The currently selected MMC hwpart could be anything set by a previous
script or some boot software. Since this script is meant to write the
boot image in the user area, we ensure that it is the active hwpart.
* Fix the image size in the `mmc write` command.
The full size of the boot image is 0x83e blocks (1055 KiB).
It used to be 0x800 blocks (1024 KiB) before the M4 image (0x3e blocks
(31 KiB)) was merged in. This commit replaces that old value with the
new one.
* Immediately fail image verify if sizes don't match.
When verifying image integrity, first check the image file size against
the one from the manifest. If they are different, fail immediately,
without computing the SHA-256 hash of the image since we know it will be
Unfortunately, there is no speed gain to expect from this optimization
in the common case, since the uncompressed size of the image rarely
change between builds. However, in cases where there are remains of a
partially downloaded image, a new download will be attempted almost
[ Bob Ham ]
* Configure Wys for the devkit.
Add a systemd .conf file to extend the wys.service unit with
configuration for the devkit audio hardware.
* Add minimal ALSA UCM configuration for the SGTL5000.
This allows us to set the microphone volume which PulseAudio uses by
default. The configuration is not split into codec-specific parts as
this is not necessary, the configuration's only purpose is to allow us
to set the microphone volume which PulseAudio uses and it's not clear
whether ALSA's UCM will be useful going forward.
Closes OS-issues#46
* Add PulseAudio configuration for Librem 5 devkit.
We need a custom script in order to set the default source and sink.
[ Scrooge McDuck ]
* README: various changes
[ Clayton Craft ]
* librem5-devkit-flash-image: Use env to get python binary location.
This allows the script to work when python is in a virtualenv.
-- Guido Günther <> Sat, 28 Sep 2019 18:41:47 +0200
librem5-devkit-tools (0.0.2) green; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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