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Add power button function description.

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......@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ Each voltage is measured against ground (green circle in above image)
PIN 1 is the one closest to the volume button while PIN6 is the one closest to the power button.
* Power on/off
If the user holds the power button for ~2 seconds then a power down/reboot dialog would pop up; a quick press & release would turn the display on/off. If the button is held for ~5 seconds the SoC triggers an event to shut down, pressing it again for ~2 seconds will turn it back on. The button is also attached to the charge controller's QON# pin, which when held for ~15 seconds is able to put the dev kit into a "shipping mode" where the charge controller is completely off, or holding it for ~18 seconds will cause it to perform a complete power cycle.
* Booting via nfsroot
The SOM comes with a pre flashed u-boot so you can connect the USB-to-UART-Debug cable and boot the device.
Breaking into uboot you can boot using a nfsroot filesystem via
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