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Release version 0.3.0.alpha

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chatty (0.3.0.alpha) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
* history: Remove get_default()
* flatpak: Use fallback-x11
* flatpak: Remove some dependencies
* tests: Use the right schema for history migration tests
* various: Handle message content type
* user-info-dialog: Handle matrix accounts separately
* build: set HAVE_EXPLICIT_BZERO if available
* application: Create matrix cache directories on startup
* window: Handle pp-chat separately
* xep-0352: Handle only pp-account
* Add matrix-enums.h
* build: Add several dependencies
* debian/control: Add several dependencies
* Add matrix-utils
* tests: Add matrix-utils test
* Add chatty-ma-buddy
* Add matrix-enc
* Add matrix-api
* Add matrix-db
* Add chatty-ma-chat
* Add chatty-ma-account
* Add chatty-secret-store
* ma-account: Handle account secrets
* secret-store: Add API to load accounts
* settings: Add API to enable experimental features
* manager: Load matrix accounts
* manager: Add API to save and delete matrix accounts
* window: Handle deleting matrix chats
* window: Show matrix chats
* chat-view: Handle matrix chats
* settings-dialog: Handle matrix accounts
* tests: Add matrix-enc tests
* tests: Add matrix-db tests
* matrix-enc: Ignore encrypted messages with no matching session
* avatar: Skip ’@’ for matrix account names
* manager: Don't load purple-matrix accounts if native matrix enabled
* manager: Update matrix chat list on status change
* account: Add API to connect and disconnect
* pp-account: Implement connect and disconnect
* ma-account: Implement connect and disconnect
* ma-account: Update status on connection fail
* application: Return active chat only if window is focused
* matrix: Allow leaving from a chat
* api: Sanitize uri when setting homeserver
* tests: Add matrix-api test
* matrix-api: Set homeserver with set_homeserver() API
* ma-account: Save pickle only if access token present
* ma-account: Update connection status on password login
* matrix-db: Update existing row when device id is updated
* matrix-api: Add more debug messages
* ma-chat: Return room id as chat name
* history: Save the right name when saving thread
* api: Return early on initial sync
* ma-account: Connect only if account is enabled
* ma-account: Connect after some delay
* chat: Add API to load past messages
* pp-chat: Implement loading past messages
* ma-chat: Implement loading past messages
* manager: Use new API to load past messages
* chat-view: Use new API to load past messages
* window: Use new API to load past messages
* various: Remove unused code
* history: Add visibility column to threads table
* enum: Add ChattyItemState
* item: Add API to get and set state
* ma-chat: Implement getting and setting state
* history: Add API to update chat details
* ma-account: Update chat state in history on leaving chat
* history: Add API to get all chats of an account
* ma-chat: Add API to create new chat
* ma-account: Load chat list from db before connecting
* matrix-api: Don't load full state if next_batch set
* ma-chat: Allow enc to be NULL
* ma-account: Add API to add chat
* tests: Add tests for new history chat APIs
* ma-chat: Implement loading past messages from server
* ma-account: Unescape secret strings before use
* matrix-api: Increase connections limit
* history: Fix possible invalid pointer
* history: Load past messages by time
* matrix-db: Add API to save/load room details
* ma-chat: Save prev-batch details to db
* flatpak: Add 'olm' dependency
* ma-chat: Save chat after loading room state
* ma-chat: Remove unused code
* matrix: Implement safe sending of messages
* window: Add more debug code and set log domain
* window: Update view after leaving matrix room
* pp-chat: Update ui_data only if non-NULL
* ci: Override global before_script for building packages
* Implement new notifications
* manager: Use the new notifications
* Remove old chatty-notify
* ma-account: Use get_chat_name() to get room id
* ma-chat: Remove unused code
* history: Save and load message status
* history: Update thread_members when new message is added
* message: Add API to get and set sms id
* new-chat-dialog: Hide chats without accounts
* chat: Add 'loading-history' property
* pp-chat: Notify when loading history
* ma-chat: Notify when loading history
* chat-view: Show a spinner when loading history
* chat-view: Hide empty labels for matrix chat
* ma-chat: Repeat loading more items until we have some
* chat: Add API to set typing
* pp-chat: Implement set_typing()
* ma-chat: Implement set_typing()
* chat-view: Use new API to set typing
* ma-chat: Pass the right variable
* Implement custom logger
* application: Use the new logger
* application: Use ’v’ as the short name for ’verbose’
* log: Always show logs if domain is “all”
* matrix: Prefix log domain with 'chatty'
* history: Don't warn if message type is unknown
* matrix-api: Set high priority for sync request
* ma-account: Connect only if network is available
* application: Show version info on debug output
* matrix-api: Improve debug logs
* ma-chat: Improve debug logs
* ma-account: Improve debug logs
* message: Add API to set sender
* chat: Add API to send message
* pp-chat: Implement send_message_async()
* ma-chat: Implement send_message_async()
* chat-view: Use the new API to send message
* ma-chat: Remove unused code
* manager: Unload purple-matrix plugin if experimental features are enabled
* ma-chat: Avoid logging excessively verbose details
* ma-account: Fix possible invalid free
* matrix-api: Silence a compiler warning
* icons: Silence a compiler warning
* manager: Silence a compiler warning
* message-row: Fix compiler warnings
* message-row: Fix possible dereferencing of invalid pointer
* utils: Silence a compiler warning
* secret-store: Fix a use after free
* chat-view: Handle purple sms message only if conv is non-NULL
* contrib: Drop use of volatile
* application: Fix a memory leak
* contact: Fix memory leak
* contact-provider: Fix various memory leaks
* manager: Fix memory leaks
* secret-store: Fix a memory leak
* matrix-enc: Add more debug code
* matrix-api: Improve debug experience
* matrix-api: Reconnect on recoverable network failures
* ma-account: Update connection status on network issues
* matrix-api: Improve debug
* ma-chat: Improve debug
* ma-chat: Improve debug log
* matrix-api: Improve debug log
* ma-account: Improve debug log
* matrix-enc: Return NULL if pickle is invalid
* matrix-enc: Fix a double free
* log: Rewrite log writer
* matrix-enc: Improve debug log
* matrix-api: Improve debug log
* ma-account: Improve debug log
* matrix-enc: Generate new pickle key when keys are renewed
* matrix-enc: Allow user_id to be null
* message: Add API to add files from file name
* various: Use the new API to set files
* message: Free files on finalize()
* matrix-api: Get list of joined rooms before sync
* ma-account: Fix populating chat list
* ma-chat: Implement get_last_msg_time()
* ma-account: Emit chat changed on new messages
* ma-chat: Save generated name to db
* log: colorize log domain in logs
* history: Set message author for matrix chats
* matrix-enc: Fix some memory leaks
* matrix-enc: Fix last commit
* matrix-enc: Fix some memory leaks
* matrix-enc: Remove a debug code
* matrix-enc: Check if matrix-db is NULL before using
* matrix-enc: Override the right method
* matrix-enc: Fix cache and lookup of incoming olm sessions
* matrix-enc: Remove old keys only when creating new sessions
* matrix-enc: Fix a possible double free
* tests: Fix matrix-enc test to work with olm3
* matrix-api: Fix some memory leaks
* log: Use atexit() for cleanup
* application: Fix parsing "debug" argument
* application: Use g_autofree to free a variable
* application: Use g_autoptr() to free css provider
* chat-view: Use g_autofree() to free variables
* icons: Use g_auto to free variables
* window: Use g_autofree to free a variable
* settings-dialog: Use g_autoptr for cleanups
* various: Remove unused code
* new-chat-dialog: Create row only if supported
* new-chat-dialog: Allow activating account item from list
* new-chat-dialog: Fix account type
* new-chat-dialog: Don't list native matrix accounts
* chat-view: Add a button to scroll to bottom
* manager: Pass the right enum type to sort chat
* window: Fix empty view
* matrix-enc: Handle normal encrypted messages
* Be less verbose when logging
* Recover on json parse error
* matrix-utils: Return the right error on timeout
* history: Fix argument check
* history: Return task error on failures
* history: Improve error messages
* chat: Add API to get/set chat topic
* pp-chat: Implement get/set chat topic
* pp-chat: Implement get_status()
* pp-chat: Improve has_encryption_support()
* pp-chat: Pass encryption status when creating chat
* pp-chat: Add API to get notification settings
* pp-chat: Add API to get show status settings
* Add unified info dialog
* window: Use the new unified info dialog
* Remove no longer used code
* window: Don't scroll search bar
* window: Add Control+F shortcut to toggle search
* pp-buddy: Return ChattyAccount on get_account()
* pp-buddy: Remove unused code
* manager: List loaded purple plugins in debug log
* window: Use non purple API to get phone number
* settings-dialog: Don't update username when saving account
* settings-dialog: Use A GtkLabel to show username
* manager: Load accounts after loading plugins
* pp-account: pass encryption support as argument
* account: Add API to get fingerprints
* account: Add API to get device fingerprint
* pp-account: Implement APIs to get fingerprints
* Add ChattyFpRow
* settings-dialog: Use new ChattyFpRow
* fp-row: Improve breaking fingerprint into lines
* ma-account: Implement getting device fingerprint
* message-row: Style quotes in replies differently
* message-row: Always use markup to set message
* chat: Add API to invite buddy
* pp-chat: Implement invite()
* info-dialog: Use the new ChattyChat API to invite
* contact-provider: Add a way store contacts over dbus
* window: Use the new API to save contacts
* Remove no longer used code
* log: Add more log verbosity level
[ Julian Sparber ]
* Flatpak: fix manifest
* Flatpak: fix and update libphonenumber module
* Flatpak: remove java dep
* Flatpak: add folks
* Flatpak: Add more files to cleanups
* Flatpak: manually run some cleanups for ci
* Flatpak: remove unneeded options from manifest
* Flatpak: bump libical and set libhandy to v0.0.12
* flatpak: add libfeedback as allowed --talk-name
[ Christopher Davis ]
* flatpak: Update config opts for dependencies and add libfeedback
[ Andika Triwidada ]
* Added Indonesian translation
[ fabrixxm ]
* xep-0313: Add message to history only if conv is not NULL
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
[ Anders Jonsson ]
* po: Update Swedish translation
[ Timo Jyrinki ]
* po: Updated Finnish translation from JRfi
[ Chris T ]
* message: Add API to set multiple files
[ Pierre Michel Augustin ]
* po: Add Creole Haitian translation
-- Mohammed Sadiq <> Thu, 04 Mar 2021 12:08:21 +0530
chatty (0.2.0) amber-phone; urgency=high
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
'chatty', 'c', 'cpp',
version: '0.2.0',
version: '0.3.0.alpha',
meson_version: '>= 0.46.0',
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