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Release version 0.1.12

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chatty (0.1.12) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
* manager: Emit “avatar-changed” if chat icon changes
* dialog-user-info: Use ChattyAvatar for avatar
* window: Use ChattyAvatar for chat avatars
* user-info-dialog: Don’t update main window avatar on change
* conversation: Emit ‘avatar-changed’ for IM on buddy avatar change
* conversation: Don’t update main window avatar on change
* window: Remove unused function
* manager: Emit ‘avatar-changed’ if buddy sign on/off
* manager: Remove a hack
* manager: Use ChattyItem API to get notification avatar
* contact: Fix a memory leak
* settings-dialog: Fix a string
* application: Move some functions from main.c
* chat: Strip resource information from get_name()
* item: Update doc for get_name()
* history: Fix a function signature
* history: Sort by id after timestamp sort
* history: Fix getting last message on duplicate timestamp
* Move chatty-history.c to libsrc
* history: Fix a dangling pointer
* tests: Add chatty-history tests
* history: Load uid when loading last message
* history: Fix a function signature
* Set uid when creating message
* conversation: Remove an unused struct member
* chat: Remove unused code
* manager: Don’t reconnect to SMS account on network error
* message-row: Remove unused code
* contact-provider: Avoid creating contacts with empty value
* window: Use stripped string for alias
* application: Fix setting daemon mode
* user-info-dialog: Fix label for SMS chat
* message-row: Align the message label depending on the direction
* gbp.conf: Set multimaint-merge as default when generating changelog
* conversation: Use purple API to present the conversation
* conversation: Remove unused code
* ci: Enable coverage report
* window: Select the first chat if in non-folded mode
* Fix showing contact numbers of unknown type
[ Rafael Fontenelle ]
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Add doap file
[ Daniel Șerbănescu ]
* Add Romanian translation
[ Guido Günther ]
* po: Fix incorrect translations
* pp-account: Add feature flags
* xeps: Support xep-0352: Client state indication
* xep-0352: Trigger (in)activity on screen blank/unblank
[ Yuri Chornoivan ]
* po: Update Ukrainian translation
-- Mohammed Sadiq <> Wed, 24 Jun 2020 19:00:14 +0530
chatty (0.1.11) amber-phone; urgency=medium
[ Mohammed Sadiq ]
project('chatty', 'c', version: '0.1.11',
project('chatty', 'c', version: '0.1.12',
meson_version: '>= 0.41.0',
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