1. 16 Nov, 2020 7 commits
  2. 15 Nov, 2020 2 commits
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      build: Test ui files · d68df2cd
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      Minimum version has been bumped to 0.46 as it's required
      for both_libraries()
      both_libraries() is used because we need shared library for
      LD_PRELOAD and static one to create the binary.
      Since chatty-avatar is used in .ui file, it has been moved to
      library name has been renamed from 'libchatty' to 'chatty' as
      meson prefixes a 'lib' to the name which resulted in the
      library name to be 'liblibchatty'.
      Also, run tests with xvfb-run as gtk-builder-tool requires a display
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      dialog-join-muc: Fix ui file · d3077586
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
  3. 14 Nov, 2020 7 commits
  4. 13 Nov, 2020 9 commits
  5. 12 Nov, 2020 10 commits
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      new-chat-dialog: Add an empty search view · 30d0e365
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      When the user search doesn't have any match
      this empty view shall be shown instead of
      showing a blank window.
      This is to following GNOME HIG
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      history: Pass ChattyMessage to add a new message · a8e51011
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      instead of passing each argument separately.
      This will help simplify and avoid some duplicate code.
      Also, eventually we shall make use of more ChattyMessage
      features in the future.
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      contact: Return parent class protocol if possible · fb6538dd
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      Protocols set for dummy contact is set in chatty-item class.
      Return the right protocol in such cases.
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      history: Implement new Database design · 259048be
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      This commit implements new design for the database.
      Previously we had two tables, chatty_chat and chatty_im, with
      the only difference b/w them is the 'room' column.  The
      'account', 'who', and 'room'  values were repeated in several
      This commit normalizes them by adding new tables for handling
      'account', 'room' and 'who' and moving the common content to
      'messages' table.  This commit also adds additional tables to
      store files and other media.
      The data from old database is migrated to the new database with
      all possible information guessed from the available data (like,
      we were not saving the protocol of a chat, best effort is made to
      guess and fill in these information on migration)
      The old database is backup before migration so that the data
      won't be lost in case of any fatal errors.
      Tests are also updated accordingly.
      Required for #407 #215 #30
      Fixes #382
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      utils: Allow passing country code for number validation · a112f181
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      So that the function is more generic and can be used for
      other cases too
      Also, adapt code to changes
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      pp-chat: Use buddy contact name if available · e3956be2
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      For phone numbers it's possible that the name of the contact
      stored in gnome-contacts might have changed.  So prefer
      them over the one stored in purple buddy list.
      Partially fixes #365
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      pp-buddy: Use contact name if available · 341d6702
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
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      manager: Use existing buddy chat if available · 048aa85e
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      Interestingly, "buddy-added" signal is being emitted after
      a conversation for the buddy is created for incoming SMS
      So check if any related chat exists before creating one new
      Fixes #416
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      utils: Don't sanitize invalid numbers · 3eed0aad
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      SMS can come from numbers mixed with letters.  We shouldn't try to
      sanitize them.
      Fixes #423
  6. 11 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  7. 07 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  8. 04 Nov, 2020 2 commits
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      tests: Add phone utils test · f870fb5f
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
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      utils: Improve parsing phone numbers · fec04feb
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      If a number is possible to be parsed with a country prefix (eg: +1)
      always do so.  This will help the numbers to be the same regardless
      of what the user inputs, and thus help the messages to be in the
      same chat thread.
      This commit also fixes international phone numbers with country
      prefix being converted to local numbers when not prefixed with '+'.
      As a side effect, possible phone numbers are converted to E.164.
      Partly fixes #382
  9. 03 Nov, 2020 1 commit