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GNOME Settings
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GNOME Settings is GNOME's main interface for configuration of various aspects of
your desktop.

## Contributing

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See `docs/` for details on the contribution process, and `docs/`
for the coding style guidelines.

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## Testing Unstable Settings

It is quite easy to test and give feedback about the development version of GNOME
Settings. Just access,
get the latest version, download it, double-click the file, install and run.

Note that GNOME Settings Flatpak will only work if you are running
the latest GNOME version in your host system.

## Reporting Bugs
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Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system under the product
gnome-control-center. It is available at [GitLab Issues](
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In the report please include the following information -

	Operating system and version
	For Linux, version of the C library
	How to reproduce the bug if possible
	If the bug was a crash, include the exact text that was printed out
	A stacktrace where possible [see below]

### How to get a stack trace
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If the crash is reproducible, it is possible to get a stack trace and 
attach it to the bug report. The following steps are used to obtain a 
stack trace -
	Run the program in gdb [the GNU debugger] or any other debugger
		ie. gdb gnome-keyboard-properties
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	Start the program
		ie. (gdb) run
	Reproduce the crash and the program will exit to the gdb prompt
	Get the back trace
		ie. (gdb) bt full
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Once you have the backtrace, copy and paste this either into the 
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'Comments' field or attach a file with it included.