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# lurch 0.6.4
# lurch 0.6.5
/lʊʁç/. In German, an Axolotl is a type of Lurch, which simply means 'amphibian'. This plugin brings Axolotl, by now renamed to double ratchet, to libpurple applications such as [Pidgin]( by implementing [OMEMO](
(Plus I thought the word sounds funny, especially when pronounced by a speaker of English.)
## News
Currently you should not use Pidgin's XHTML-IM feature (i.e. changing anything like font size or style), as it sends an additional copy of the whole plaintext in another node.
Fix soon.
0.6.5 is out and you should get it as it contains important security updates.
If you use any text-formatting, through XHTML-IM a whole plaintext copy of your text was sent along with the ciphertext, which is obviously bad.
The `<html>` tags and any additional `<body>` tags are now stripped from the message.
Also, the tag is now appended to the key, i.e. is part of the data which is encrypted with the double ratchet session.
## Installation
### Linux (Arch package)
......@@ -2713,7 +2713,7 @@ static PurplePluginInfo info = {
"Implements OMEMO for libpurple.",
"End-to-end encryption using the Signal protocol, adapted for XMPP.",
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